Heat Instructions

Deerhunter Heat

Charging the powerbank

Charge the powerbank by using the USB / micro USB cable, which is included in the package. The four small LED lights on the powerbank indicates the status of the charging process. As soon as all the LED lights are on, unplug the charger and the powerbank is now ready for use.

Deerhunter Heat
Deerhunter Heat

How to use your new Heat product

Attach the powerbank to the cable inside the lower inner pocket of the jacket or waistcoat by using the USB port. Turn on the powerbank by pressing the ON/OFF button on the side. After activated, place the powerbank in the lower inner pocket.

To activate the heat function press and hold the power button inside the chest pocket until the light turns on. Choose one of following temperatures: Red light - high temperature 55°C Green light – medium temperature 45°C Blue light – low temperature 38°C

To turn off the heat function press and hold the power button inside the chest pocket for 3 seconds or until the light turn off. The ON/OFF button on the powerbank will then automatically turn off after approximately 1 minute. The heat functions can also be turned off by holding down the ON/OFF button on the powerbank for at least 10 sec.

To restart the heat function please press the ON/OFF button on the powerbank and turn on the heat function by pressing the power button inside the chest pocket until the light turns on again.

Wash and care

  1. Always remove the powerbank when washing your heat product and make sure to put on the safety stopper on the USB cable during washing to protect it.
  2. Use a gentle program of maximum 40°C without softener.
  3. No dry clean.
  4. No ironing.
  5. Tumble dry at low temperature with a few tennis balls.

Furthermore, we recommend

Always charge the powerbank until it is fully charged. Avoid overcharging your power bank as this can cause its battery life to decrease. Please disconnect and remove the powerbank before long time storage. All the components are securely tested as well as they are CE and RoHS approved. Your safety is our concern!

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